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Ad Layouts

There are several factors that contribute to a great website, from the content and layout to the site speed and user journey. Organise your site's ad layout and make your site easy to navigate.

Ad placements optimizations:


  • Place ads just after the fold to ensure audiences don’t scroll past before the ad has become viewable to maximize in-view time. 
  • Understand user behaviour: 35% of ATF (after the fold) ads have less than 50% viewability while 21% BTF(before the fold) ads have more than 50% viewability. 
  • If articles are long enough it’s recommended to add in-article ad placements ensuring high viewability and user attention. We advise you to find natural breaks in the content to place ad units so users can see content and ad at the same time.



  • Google demand policy does not allow for a 300x250 or larger ad placements to show ATF
  • The most optimal set up would be to serve 320x50 leaderboard ATF followed by a 300x250 immediately BTF.


  • Tall MPU units (e.g. 300x600, 160x600) perform better because they have a higher chance of being viewable & remaining on the screen for a longer period of time. 
  • Ad placements within the content (in article placements) are a great way of grabbing the audience's attention in natural breaks within your content, they are naturally non-intrusive.


1. Don't let ads push sites content below the fold:
- one ad is recommended above the fold (usually it's a 970x250 billboard on the top of the page)
- There should be a 50/50 ads/content ratio


2. Don't place ads on user-generated content: (comment sections, forums etc.)

As a publisher, you are responsible for ensuring that all user-generated content on your site or app complies with all applicable programme policies.
User-generated content can be problematic for monetizing. The problem is that advertisers might not want to see their ads positioned next to vulgar, racist or abusive content.


3. Too many ads

The ads should not take up more than 50% of the page and the units should be easily distinguishable from the rest of the content.


4.Menu overlapping the ads 

Don’t place drop-down menus, or applications near ads because they might lead to accidental clicks


5. Ad placed too close to the content

It's important that visitors to your site are not misled in any way and are able to easily distinguish content from ads.

  • Keep at least 20-25px padding around ads so it won’t touch content or any active buttons
  • Make sure ads are clearly separated from the content


6.Ad not fitting the page

Make sure ads are never cut because it's against Google regulations. All ads should fit full width on the screens.