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What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is designed to regulate the ‘sale’ of personal information of California residents by a business.  Specifically, the CCPA ensures that Californian consumers have control over their data in the following three ways :


  • Prohibit the sale of their personal information
  • Request personal information to be deleted
  • Right of access to what personal information has been stored

How can Venatus help with your CCPA needs?

The Venatus Consent Management Platform (CMP) provides consent management conforming to the CCPA regulation for United States users located in the state of California to interact with and store their respective consent choice.  We then forward the user’s choice to our advertising partners. 

Implementation guide

The CCPA consent user interface is opened by a user clicking a link that the CCPA regulation requires to be labeled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”.  

This link, once created on your site, can be configured to spawn the Venatus CCPA interface by executing the javascript command of:  __uspapi("displayUspUi") to show the UI for your users

You can do this in a few different methods using javascript but for simplicity, we have created an example code below of a working solution using HTML onClick attribute.


<button class="ccpa" type="button" onclick="__uspapi('displayUspUi');">


An example of the user’s journey process from Buzzfeed:


As default, the UI shown will look like the following:


For testing purposes to see how the UI will look with your site, you can either add our flag to the URL of your site that has our script in place e.g https://publisher-site.com#open-cmp or in chrome developer tools console, add the following Javascript:  __uspapi("displayUspUi");