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Building advertising-friendly content

Get the most out of your advertising by making small changes to the way you format your content.

These simple changes can have a significant impact on your advertising yield, viewability and user experience. Follow these best practices to build advertising-friendly content.

1. Take up space

When creating or editing content for your website, use short paragraphs, separated by images to lengthen your pages. Shorter paragraphs not only make your content easier to digest, but they also make your content easier tor read on mobile devices. 

2. Hit your word count

The longer the page, the more ads you can display without clutter - and the more advertisers will like you! The ideal article length for optimisation is 300 words or more, so keep this in mind when writing your content. 

3. Save the best ‘til last

Keep the audience reading by covering the main point of your piece nearer the bottom of the post. This will help take people to your bottom sidebar, allowing them to view all your ads as they scroll.

4. Clean up your sidebar

Advertisers are big fans of sidebar advertising, but these are often less effective because they are made too long with content and widgets. Shorter sidebars are much more desirable to advertisers because they are more viewable. Review the contents of your sidebar to see which widgets or features can be removed in exchange for better CPMs. 


For further advice on the points above, contact the PubOps Team by sending a ticket via our Support Ticketing System.