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How to manage advertisers and campaigns that approach you whilst working with Venatus?

Working exclusively with Venatus means that you’re appointing us as your sole sales representative.

With offices in the UK, USA, France, South Korea and Australia, our sales teams secure premium campaigns from leading global brands for our partners.

On top of that, we have long-standing relationships with the largest global SSPs, and work deeply with them on channeling programmatic demand to fully monetise your inventory.

However, we do understand that occasionally you may be approached by advertisers directly and offered campaigns. Venatus will manage this opportunity for you while taking a reduced revenue share (to cover ad serving fees) if we have not been actively engaged with the advertiser before. 

We recommend that you add text explaining that Venatus is your exclusive sales representative to your website, along with our logo and a dedicated email address (sales+[yoursitename]@venatus.com). This will make it easier for inbound leads to be rapidly closed by our sales teams.

If you don’t have an advertising section set up on your site, you can add an advertising link to the bottom of your pages.

And link to a section with the following information:


Sales representation

Our advertising is exclusively sold and managed by Venatus. If you would like information regarding advertising on {this_site.com} please contact the sales team by emailing (sales+[yoursitename]@venatus.com).


What about sponsored posts and formats that Venatus doesn’t offer?

The above does not apply to affiliate programs or content referral partnerships. You can still work with partners like Outbrain or Taboola (as long as these ads don’t interfere with Venatus ads) and arrange other sponsored posts that are not covered by your contract.

If you are unsure of your contractual obligations then please contact us so we can discuss this in more detail.


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