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Instream & Outstream Videos

Instream ads

Instream video ads are those videos that are streamed before, during or at the end of a video a viewer started watching. 

Instream ads do need video content where the ads can be inserted.

The biggest benefit is that those ads have a high-visibility & engagement from the user. User is committed to finish watching the ad or he can skip it along the way.

Instream video solution FAQ:

Is instream video content autoplay?
Yes, it’s autoplay but mute.

Is it available on desktop & mobile devices?
Yes, instream players are available across desktop and mobile.

If there is no ad returned will the player be shown?
Yes, the video content will loop requesting ads from the ad server periodically.

As the user scrolls does the ad change from instream to outstream?
The ad will technically always be instream, although when the user scrolls the player will move to a position on the right or left side of the screen.

Will outstream & instream ads offered by Venatus overlap?
No, we have technology in place to ensure that formats do not overlap or clash.

How do I upload new video content?
At the moment, this is managed by the Venatus team but we are looking at having a self managed set up in the future.

Will the instream player position always be static or it changes on every load?
For now it’s a static position on the page. Position is decided when setting up the tag on the page.

Is instream ads on mute?
Yes, all ads are on auto mute.

Outstream ads

Outstream video ads are forms of video ad that exists outside of online video content. Usually, it’s on the bottom on the page (right or left side).

Outstream video ads do not need existing video content to run ads. 

The biggest benefit is that no content is needed to run the ad.