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Instream video implementation best practice

As a Google Channel Partner we work closely with their Policy Violations team. Recently we have seen this team clamp down on Outstream Video placements that do not have a video player embedded in the page and do not have more content than ads [more info here]. Google is actively blocking demand to these players and impacting our ability to monetize.

To stay Google compliant in the future, moving to Instream Video will be vital in protecting existing revenues and driving revenues into Q4 and beyond.

Below are the best practices for implementing Video Instream:


Player size: There is no specific size restriction but we see a significant drop-off in yield when player size drops below 400px in width. So, Venatus recommends 410px as the minimum player size. Guidelines dictate a 16:9 aspect ratio is maintained for this player, so whatever the size, the player should maintain the same aspect ratio. 

Player position: Positioning is key as we will not call for ads or move the player to a stick position until the primary player becomes viewable. The ideal implementation would be a position near the top of the page in order to maximize the chance of monetizing each pageview. Once the player initiates we have the ability to anchor the player to the edge of the screen when the main player is scrolled out of view.

Small players in the sidebar are not recommended as often they don't meet the minimum size requirement and increase the risk of being flagged by Google policy. 



In the article. Space is given in the main content well of the site near the top of the page



In the top menu bar. This implementation drastically improves the chance of the player loading in view, allowing us to move the player to a sticky position quickly. Implementations of this nature have produced very strong yields. 



Unique layouts can still accommodate this player if sticking to the guidelines outlined. 



All player implementations will have a close button on the sticky unit to allow users to dismiss the player. 




We recommend 5 or so short form slices of content, 30 seconds to 2 min in length. This is done to allow us to randomize the order in which content is played and reduce repetition for the user. If no content is available Venatus can implement our generic video content on your behalf.