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Lazy loading

Venatus started a new optimization method for publishers which is lazy loading ad placements.

What does lazy loading mean?

This means serving ads only when it's necessary. For example, calling an ad towards the bottom of the page only when a user scrolls down the page.


Benefits of lazy loading?

Lazy loading ads allow you to reduce the number of HTTP requests your browser will make in the process of rendering the complete web page in one go so page speed should increase also.


Viewability is now a very important metric in the industry. All the networks are trying to optimize towards better viewability results. Lazy loading is the most efficient way to increase the viewability which will result in better performance & eCPM.


How to enable?

This is a default setting across Venatus technology. In order to comply with the industry standards, Venatus has this feature enabled since October 2020. Publishers don’t need to make any changes on their end.


What to expect?

At first, it might result in a temporary dip in revenues as we implement these changes. 

Our testing over the last few months has shown that the benefits of lazy load e.g increased viewability leads to a significant rise in eCPM due to a much higher demand for quality inventory.