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Make the most from your default advertising

Default adverts are served when every available direct and programmatic ad has exhausted all available demand. Low demand is particularly common in Q1 and at the start of each quarter as marketers reassess their marketing spend.

Default advertising can come from another demand source, or it can be created in-house to promote a page, product or feature on your website/app. 

Will there ever be blank ad spaces on my website/app?

There will never be blank ad spaces on your website/app. If ad spaces cannot be filled, these placements will be hidden from your visitors so the website/app will appear as normal. 

Why does default advertising exist? 

While we strive to achieve a 100% fill rate for ad spaces across the portfolio, there are rare occasions when the demand for ad inventory is low. Possible reasons include: 

  • Location - some countries/regions have lower demand than others
  • Repeat users - these are highly valuable to buyers, but the longer they spend on a site/app the demand drops.
  • Seasonality - there are certain times in the year when demand is naturally lower e.g. January and the start of each quarter.

How can I set up default advertising? 

  • Set up an account with Adsense 
  • Set up an affiliate campaign
  • Create creative assets to use across your ad spaces redirecting users to other parts of your site
  • Share creative assets with Venatus to set up as default advertising for your website/app

For more information about your choices around default advertising, get in touch with the PubOps y sending a ticket via our Support Ticketing System.