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Rich Media Formats

Rich media is a form of digital advertising where the ad includes extra engaging elements such as video, audio, or interactive features.

These elements make rich media ads more unique and creative than other ad formats.

Common examples of rich media format include in-page, out-of-page, in-stream, and out-stream ads. These formats can often take up more screen space so it’s important to make sure they are placed correctly. All Venatus rich media ads are highly optimized towards user experience and publisher site design.


Benefits of rich media ads

Rich media ads are designed with brand awareness and engagement in mind, as a result, these ads are in high demand from brands looking to get the most from their advertising. 

The many benefits of rich media units for advertisers include higher interaction rate, viewability, brand awareness, and better user experience. For publishers, rich media formats provide better-looking ads across their website and offer incremental revenue along with standard IAB ad formats. 

For publishers interested in increasing CTR’s, revenue, and user experience, please speak to the team to enable rich media formats across your website(s).

You can view our full list of creative formats here.


Venatus offers the following Rich Media creatives:

1. Takeovers:

Takeover units traditionally take up the whitespace beside the content as well as space either at the top of the page or in between the menu and the content itself. It consists of 3 (sometimes 4 panels): right, top, left (expanded middle). 




2. Video Outstream:

Outstream video ads are forms of video ad that exist outside of online video content. Usually, it’s on the bottom of the page (right or left side).

Outstream video ads do not need existing video content to run ads. 

The biggest benefit is that no content is needed to run the ad.


3. Video Instream

Instream video ads are those videos that are streamed before, during or at the end of a video a viewer started watching. 

Instream ads do need video content where the ads can be inserted.

The biggest benefit is that those ads have high visibility & engagement from the user. The user is committed to finishing watching the ad or he can skip it along the way.

4. Sticky Ads:

Vertical sticky: These ad placements sit on the sides of a webpage. They can be used on both sides of the page or just one side.



Footer Sticky Ads: These are placed at the bottom of the page in the size 728x90.

*available on mobile & desktop