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Understanding Win Types

RTB (Real-Time Bidding)

Real-time bidding refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur as a web page loads. Ad exchanges or supply-side platforms often facilitate these auctions. For Venatus, all RTB happens through The Open Exchange - a digital advertising marketplace that aggregates inventory from multiple partners.



A direct win type refers to a situation where we work directly with an advertiser or agency. Direct wins are driven by the Venatus sales team, who will negotiate and book every aspect of the campaign with an advertiser, covering formats, pricing, volumes and campaign duration directly on your behalf. Direct sales don't just mean orders booked with an order form. They can also include campaigns sold as a programmatic guaranteed or private marketplace deal.

The benefit of direct selling is the ability to achieve higher CPMs; this is because the selection of sites or formats is specific for an advertiser. This inventory is reserved in advance, so delivery is guaranteed. 



This win type refers to unsold rich media inventory. High impact advertising, such as rich media and video, can be capped to prevent overloading users with ads. This cap can mean that there are occasions where a publisher will not see a 100% fill rate - this affects those with 1x1 tags. If an ad is not shown, the page will appear as usual until an ad space is filled.



This win type refers to the number of impressions that went unsold. Ideally, every available ad impression should be sold; however, it is expected that some portion of ad impressions will go unsold. Unsolved inventory can occur for several reasons, including targeting, ended sessions, network issues, world events and shifts in demand for a specific geographic region.

We have suggestions for how you can make the most of your default advertising here.


PSA (Public Service Announcement)

This win type refers to when demand is exhausted for display inventory, no pass-back (default) tag is in place to fill the inventory. In this instance, Venatus will be filling ad space with Public Service Announcement ads.