What is Venatus Market?

Venatus Market

Venatus Market is an end-to-end monetization platform, designed to take away the stress and challenges of selling your online advertising.

Over 600 publishers use Venatus Market to drive revenue, supported by our in-house team selling direct, programmatic and private marketplace campaigns.

Venatus Market provides complete ad quality control, increased eCPM, and rich media mediation through our proprietary header-bidding solution. 

Venatus Direct: Ad Sales

Unlike many "programmatic optimization" platforms we have teams of experienced sales professionals around the world whose task it is to promote, evangelise and sell your site and audience. This means we have relationships with all of the major advertising agencies, trading desks and even direct clients in gaming and entertainment.  This means we have direct campaigns booked with us and also Private Market Place (PMPs) and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals (PG).  You won't see these high yielding campaigns from non-specialists.


Venatus Extra: Ad Recovery & Mediation

Recover up to 80% of your ad-blocked traffic with our ad recovery technology, increasing your display revenue by up to 15-20%. We also optimize your ad layout throughout our mediation platform.