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The first 90 days

What to expect during the first 90 days of your partnership.

The first 90 days of your partnership with Venatus will be used to grow your CPMs through programmatic and direct campaigns. During this time we will be working to establish and increase your ad prices within the open marketplace, so may ask you to consider using different formats to help drive value for buyers.

At the start of the partnership we suggest you optimize your site for advertising, this includes reviewing your content, imagery and more. Here we will be focussing on ad layouts, ad-friendly content and your core web vitals.

In the months that follow we will work with you to introduce new opportunities to grow additional revenue through the use of adblock recovery, new formats and following our best practices to drive your viewability.

Once the initial three months is complete, you'll have established yourself in the open marketplace and buyers will have a greater understanding of the value of your site, allowing you to grow your revenue.

If you have moved to Venatus from another partner do remember that we will have to restart all of your placements under our account so Google and the SSPs will see you as a new site. This normally means lower CPMs than you were used to in the early days of the relationship but as more ads run we see CPMs rise and, more often than not, surpass your old partner.