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What kind of CPMs should I expect to see right away?

It may take a few weeks before your site is fully optimised with all of our SSP partners and advertiser allow lists, so lower CPMs are expected at the beginning.

CPMs vary based on:

  • Viewability - always try and focus on making your ad inventory as viewable as possible.
  • Seasonality - Q4 is hot and Q2 is not. Global events (such as Covid) also negatively impact advertising demand and that leads to lower CPMs.
  • Reach - better to have many users seeing a few ads rather than a few users seeing many ads. 
  • Geography - USA and Western Europe have higher rates than many countries in MENA, SEA and LATAM.

If your site is new and does not have a "history" it is harder for both SSPs and advertisers to serve ads on your site.  You will need to work with your Venatus Account Manager to share as much information as possible around your traffic so that we can enable you.  This does take time and new sites tend to start with lower CPMs.