Why are some rich media formats not displayed correctly?

Rich media is a form of advertising that includes advanced features within the displayed creative, these can include images, audio, text, video or animations.

Most of the time these ads are dynamic and will adjust to different screen sizes and any movement on the screen e.g scrolling.

When setting up a rich media unit, our dedicated team will analyse your website layout and tailor the rich media to ensure every element fits correctly to ensure a great user experience for your visitors.

It’s important to note that all the site alignment is made according to current site CSS settings. In case, when the site's layout changes our team needs to take a look again and make sure that before applied fixes are working properly. Any css change can break the format and result in incorrectly shown ad. 

If you are running rich media and have changed your site layout, or if you’ve noticed changes in the appearance of the unit, please reach out to pubops@venatus.com so we can ensure rich media formats are rendered correctly.


Correctly displayed takeovers:


  • Takeover doesn’t overlap any content elements
  • All panels are aligned based on the user view

Incorrectly displayed takeovers:

  • Takeover cannot overlaps content elements
  • Takeover cannot overlay background of the content