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Getting to know your Venatus dashboard

You can log into your Venatus Market account here.

In the main dashboard, you will see a simple breakdown of the impressions served, revenue, and the eCPMs from the previous day, week, and month. For more detailed data, please click on the reporting tab. All reports are in Coordinated Universal Time (UCT).

Dashboard 1


The reporting tab allows you to see your reports in greater detail.

Range Grouping

Use the filters to view data by year, month, week, day or hour. Alternatively, you can view the cumulative data from the entire time frame. 

Dash 3 reporting

Report Groupings

Once you have selected the time frame, you can view your report by the following groupings:

  • Country (group by geography)
  • Device (group by device type desktop/mobile)
  • Win Type (where the demand comes from)

DEFAULT – demand is exhausted and a pass-back tag loads

DIRECT - direct campaigns

RTB - open exchange

PSA – demand is exhausted for display inventory, no pass-back tag in place to fill the inventory

BLANK – demand is exhausted for 1x1 inventory

  • Size (the performance of a specific ad format depending on their size)
  • Site (the performance across all of your domains)
  • Placement (the performance of individual ad formats)

Once your report is created, it can be downloaded as an Excel doc.

Please note that video interstitials and ad block recovery are not tracked in these reports, they will be manually reconciled for you at the beginning of every month.


In this tab, you can view what ad formats are running across your various domains. 

Dash 2

Account details

Here we store your company information and payment details, please ensure this data is regularly updated.


This tab lists all your monthly invoices. All invoices are auto-generated by our system on the 9th of every month, detailing all payments due for the previous month (you don't need to send us invoices every month).

Payment Details and History

This tab stores all your company and bank details. It needs to be fully populated to ensure a smooth payment process every month.


This tab allows you to submit tickets to the PubOps Team. This enables the PubOps team to manage queries more efficiently, resulting in faster response times and better quality resolutions for our publishers.

If you're submitting a ticket for the first time, you will first need to set up a support account. Details on how to do that can be found here.

*Please note that we are currently in the middle of a large project to improve the usability and features within the UI (especially reporting). We will alert you of any changes once they are live.